Info – Evan Namkung Art



Growing up in Oakland, California and now living in Bend, Oregon, I have always been fascinated by the unseen and underappreciated aspects of life, whether in the city or natural environment. My goal in my art is to capture these elements and bring them to the forefront, whether it's the face of a person who would otherwise be ignored or the depiction of wildlife through my own unique style. I am inspired by the way that art can dramatically alter the way that we view our own surroundings, and how everyday things can gain new beauty just by experiencing them through someone else's eyes; a major influence on my work is street art, and am influenced by the color, spontaneity and freedom of graffiti while also incorporating a tonal realism element in most of my work. I view every painting as a mural on a canvas that could just as easily be seen on the side of a building. Whether it's the grit of city living, the diverse world of plants and animals, or anything in between, art constantly offers us chances to see our world differently.